About Curaprox World

Who we are and why we’re here

Curaprox World is an extension of the webshop, Curaprox UK.

Our aim is to focus on educating and providing resources for people searching for more information on oral care. It is also where we can provide information on our charity work and run fundraising campaigns. This is why you might find we have a more limited or slightly different selection of products on our site, compared to what you usually find on curaprox.co.uk. 


Are you the same company as Curaprox UK?

Yes! We are the UK arm of the Swiss brand and both curaprox.co.uk and Curaprox World are owned by Curaden UK. Curaprox World is simply an additional site for us to publish different content. 

While Curaprox UK is managed by our friends in Switzerland, Curaprox World is looked after by our UK team. All of the products available on Curaprox World come from the same warehouse as Curaprox UK and are distributed in the same way. We’re a friendly bunch, so if you ever have any questions you can contact us on 01480 862084 or email us at info@curaprox.co.uk

Why are my Curaprox World and Curaprox.co.uk accounts separate? 

Due to the way the sites are built, we’ve unfortunately had to keep accounts for each of them separate. We know this isn’t ideal, but you are welcome to place your orders via whichever site you prefer, with the exception of special UK edition bundles and charity products, which are exclusive to Curaprox World. 

Why can’t I shop BUFBC on curaprox.co.uk?

Our Brush Up For Breast Cancer (BUFBC) products are unique to the UK and therefore we’re unable to make them available via our webshop. Only BUFBC products purchased via Curaprox World are eligible for the 25% donation to The Pink Foundation. 

Is the newsletter sign up for Curaprox World different to Curaprox.co.uk?

No – your information will go into the same database but will be marked as coming from Curaprox World so we’re able to send you specific information about Curaprox World activity. You will still receive the regular newsletter content for curaprox.co.uk. 

Can I use my discount coupons for curaprox.co.uk on Curaprox World?

At this moment in time, we’re unable to accommodate the use of discount codes intended for use on curaprox.co.uk. We understand that this is frustrating and are working towards a solution. 

I’ve encountered an error while using Curaprox World, what should I do?

Please contact the customer service team via email info@curaprox.co.uk and explain the error in as much detail as possible. Curaprox World is a new website and, as with all websites, we may occasionally experience technical issues. We will endeavour to fix the problem as soon as possible and provide you with an adequate solution.