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Being a parent with a newborn is a magical time, but it can also be quite tiring, especially if your baby finds it hard to settle. You may find yourself reaching for something to help soothe your baby, like a dummy. But with so much conflicting advice, how do you know which dummy is best?

Our CURAPROX Baby soother has been designed alongside dentists to help soothe and calm your baby by creating the same pleasant sensation as their mother’s nipple, whilst also supporting the normal swallowing process. A calm and happy baby also means calm and happy parents!

Our dummy is different to others as it has been designed to support, not hinder the normal development of teeth, palate and jaw and they are also BPA and BPS free, so completely harmless for your little one.

  • The advantages of a dummy without the usual consequences
  • Ensures normal breathing through the nose – allowing for a restful sleep and more engaged play
  • Biofunctional: Designed to work with the normal development of the palate and jaw helping to prevent future oral problems.
Curaprox Baby World - Soother Pacifier Dummy

Helps prevent misaligned teeth


Unlike conventional dummies, our soother has a flat nipple. This might look odd but actually a flat nipple replicates the mothers nipple when breastfeeding and gives the palate space so that it doesn’t take on an abnormal, high-arched shape and cause tooth problems later. This flat tip also prevents something called an open bite or where the teeth slant outwards , not touching when the mouth is shut .

Curaprox Baby World - Soother Pacifier Dummy

Supports the normal development of babies palate and jaw


Our soother has been designed & developed by Dr Herbert Pick who is a Dr of Dental Science. Herbert wanted to create a soother that worked with a baby’s natural oral development after his son developed a crossbite. Only 20% of jaw malformations are generic, the rest are often associated with thumb or dummy over use.

Promotes normal breathing


When the palate grows as it should and doesn’t take on an abnormal, high-arched shape it also promotes normal breathing through the nose. By design our soother helps to prevent any breathing problems and therefore encourages a restful sleep which, in turn, supports healthy development. Curaprox dummies work in harmony with your baby’s development.

A healthy mouth from day one

Curaprox Baby products are “biofunctional” – designed to support growth and work in harmony with your baby’s natural development. Plus, all of our Curaprox Baby products are BPA and BPS free.

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