Because brushing their first tooth is a special moment

  • Extra-fine, gentle CUREN® filaments prevent injuries
  • The rubberised brush head protects the delicate oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth
  • Designed with “biofunctionality”… to work in harmony with your baby’s natural development
  • The rounded handle helps your child to hold their toothbrush the right way – with gentle pressure

The big day has finally arrived 

Hooray! Their first tooth is finally making an appearance but now we need to give that new little tooth some very special care.  The CURAPROX Baby Toothbrush has been designed to be exceptionally soft and gentle, preventing any accidental injury to their tiny little mouths.

Curaprox Baby World - Baby Toothbrush

for healthy milk teeth


Milk teeth are really important as they act as the placeholders for adult teeth sitting well and truly hidden underneath. Strong, healthy milk teeth also support the development of your child’s jaw as well as their speech and language.

Curaprox Baby World - Baby Toothbrush

Routinely Fun


Make cleaning teeth fun and joyful… so you can both enjoy quality parent-child time. Establishing this playful, enjoyable ritual gives them the basis for a great oral health care routine for life.

Curaprox Baby World - Baby Toothbrush

Crammed with extra soft filaments


The filaments in our baby toothbrushes are 0.09mm in diameter. and there are lots of them. 4,260 to be exact. Which means babies’ toothbrushing experience is Incredibly gentle andIncredibly efficient


Every brush has a soft rubber coating that covers the brush head, protecting little gums from any accidental knocks.  In addition each handle comes complete with grip rings helping to teach your child how to hold the brush as they learn new skills of brushing their teeth the right way.

Once teeth appear make sure you take your child to your friendly dental professional so they can help guide your child to a perfect little smile.

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