The Perfect Teething Ring For Your Baby

Curaprox Baby World - Teething Ring

When those tiny teeth begin to rumble and move about you will for sure know about it as your gorgeous bundle of joy turns into a baby grizzly bear with a major drooling problem!

Tiny new teeth have a lot to answer for, so to help both you and baby have a slightly smoother transition we have created the Curaprox Baby teething ring with a little help from our friends. 

There are many teethers on the market designed to help with teething pain but the Curaprox Baby teether, as well as tackling the soothing of gums, also works to get your baby used to the next stage of brushing those tiny teeth too.

“The Curaprox Baby teething rings are real all-rounders. They ease the pain of teething and encourage sensory and motor development” says Dr. Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff, senior paediatric dentist at the University of Bern.

Curaprox Baby World - Teething Ring

In her daily work and care for babies and children, Nadja has observed a strange phenomenon: many of the children she treats have to be put under general anaesthetic due to the extremely poor condition of their teeth, often caused due to a lack of toothbrushing. 

To help combat this problem Nadia decided to develop a preventive concept to remedy this issue. Together with Prof. Adrian Lussi, she invented a teething ring with an integrated training toothbrush making the transition from teething to toothbrushing a lot smoother. 

Teething is a natural process, but it differs in every baby and often demands a lot lot of a little one and their frequently sleep deprived parents and carers. At around 30 months old, in most cases, all 20 milk teeth are present and correct – but getting there can be a challenge.

Are milk teeth important for a child’s health?

Milk teeth are hugely important for your child and for the permanent teeth that will grow in a few years’ time. Milk teeth support your child in learning and being able to speak properly. Moreover, they point the way for proper jaw and facial development.

A milk tooth that is subject to decay can become inflamed and damage the surrounding bone, including the permanent tooth lying beneath the milk tooth. Good treatment of milk teeth paves the way for permanent teeth to come in and grow healthily later. 

Curaprox Baby World - Teething ring

Does my baby need a teething ring?

A good teething ring has exciting extras to stimulate your little one such as a rattle and different surfaces that promote the baby’s sensory and motor skills. It is very important for brain development that the child is stimulated with various sensory stimuli.

The biggest difference with the Curaprox Baby teething ring is the integration of a training toothbrush. This helps prepare children for tooth brushing, getting them used to the sensation long before they need to move on to a baby toothbrush helping to keep those brand new milk teeth in tip top condition.

The Curaprox Baby teething ring is an adventure playground for the senses, helps to relieve teething pain, prepares your little one for brushing their teeth and is completely toxin free.

Available in three colours – turquoise, blue and pink.