competition winners!

To celebrate National Smile Month (16 May 16 June), we offeredthe chance for six lucky families to win a one-night stay at the awesome LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, Windsor! There were also 1000 Monster Mischief kids toothbrush and toothpaste bundles to be won. Our winners – and their monsters – have been chosen!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Monster Mischief competition.

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our winning entrants, their artwork, poems and stories

My monster is called Howard.

He was sad because nobody wanted to be his friend. When he tried to join in with fun and games everyone ran away,  shouting “your breath stinks!” Howard didn’t know what to do.

One day Howard was surprised to find a parcel outside his house. Inside the package was a shiny new toothbrush and slimy green toothpaste, with a note:

Put the toothpaste on your brush,
Put it in your mouth.
Brush left and right and round and round.

The next day everyone wanted to play with Howard! Now he can’t stop smiling.

One day I was looking under my bed for my scooter helmet. And out of the corner of my eye I seen a monster with bright eyes big teeth and an enormous smile looking at me.

He said hello my name is Tommy. Tommy then helped me find my scooter helmet.

Every time I am worried I tell Tommy and he eats my worries. Me and Tommy have been best friends ever since.

Scrubbie is a monster
Who is good to have around
Whenever there is a dirty mouth Scrubbie can be found
With pointy fangs for cleaning gums
And bristles for hair
If you eat too many sweets
You hope Scrubbie is there.

Master Mayhem from the muddy cave

in the deep dark mountains is super brave.

He was experimenting with new potions for his shiny grin,

but which toothpaste is going to win?

Not Gurglegloop, not Dentatox,

but Curaprox really rocks!
His teeth are now stronger and cleaner than ever,

Holes in his teeth‚ never ever!

Just shiny, wonderful, immaculate teeth,

and superminty taste when you breath!

I have a monster friend,
Medusa is his name.
He has a special something
I think will bring him fame!

It came when he was younger
His teeth began to grow,
They started to resemble
a beautiful rainbow!

Medusa’s incisors were blue
Canines red and molars pink!
Pre molars purple hue!
Some were yellow, some green
He was the weirdest monster anyone had ever seen.

He brushed his teeth twice a day
He had to have them checked
For if he didn’t and if he lost a coloured tooth
His rainbow would be wrecked!

Twofee is a monster
Who loves to dance and play
Twofee makes sure children
Brush 2 minutes a day

He’s really bad at singing
Like a meowing cat
But this is how he times you
And you really don’t want that!

He sings for 2 minutes
At the top of his voice
You want him to stop
But you won’t have any choice

So if you don’t want Twofee
Visiting you tonight
Brush your teeth properly
Until they are clean and bright