The Curaprox Teether – let’s get ready to rumble!

When you first see that tiny fist go in their mouth, along with everything else, and the drooling starts – this is a sure sign that those tiny teeth are beginning to rumble! It’s an exciting time but also can cause its own set of challenges for both you and your baby.

Bring in the Curaprox Baby teething ring designed to be chewed and awaken your baby’s senses with new and exciting textures. It also has a tiny integrated toothbrush head to help prepare for the next milestone once those tiny teeth appear.

The Curaprox teething ring:

  • An adventure playground for the senses
  • Helps to relieve teething pain
  • Prepares your little one for brushing their teeth
  • Available in three colours – turquoise, blue and pink
Curaprox Baby World - Teething ring
Curaprox Baby World - Teething Ring

Multisensory learning


There’s lots to discover! Different textures and colourful balls in the rattle help to stimulate your baby’s senses and create a welcome distraction from that annoying gum pain, allowing them to happily play and chew at the same time.

Curaprox Baby World - Teething Ring

Getting ready for their first tooth


To your baby their teething ring is a toy but it’s also helping to prepare them for brushing their teeth for the very first time. The integrated training toothbrush massages their gums and gets them used to that brushing sensation. Are they looking forward to brushing their teeth? Too right!

Curaprox Baby World - Teething Ring

Hello Tooth!


The arrival of their first tooth is a huge milestone, but can be painful! Before you reach for an ointment, try giving them our teething ring. Believe it or not, your baby knows that the best way to relieve teething pain is to bite into whatever is nearest – watch them know exactly what to do with it! The rattle and different surface textures also provide a welcome distraction.

Why should you use our teething ring?

Milk teeth are the placeholders for adult teeth, so it’s important that they’re cared for properly. Our teething ring was developed by Swiss dentist, Dr. Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff, to make sure we had the best possible solution for teething, while also helping to prepare your baby for brushing for the first time. 

Always working in harmony

Curaprox Baby products are “biofunctional” – designed to support growth and work in harmony with your baby’s natural development. Plus, all of our Curaprox Baby products are toxin-free, which means they’re completely safe for your little one. No harmful substances, such as Bisphenol A, Phthalate or azo-dyes.

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